Key Growth Trends For Building A Next-Gen Fashion Brand

What does it take to build a fashion brand that connects with today's modern, highly-evolved consumer? The answer lies in understanding what consumers want and creating experiences that truly delight consumers throughout the buying journey. 

The fashion and apparel industry was most harshly affected during the pandemic. People preferred not to spend money on new clothes because they spent more time at home. Luxury brands saw a large dip in demand, whereas sportswear, athleisure, and comfort wear have been less affected.

One of the largest shifts in the fashion industry was the shift from physical stores to online shopping.

Companies are also looking to invest in digital innovations like virtual fashion shows, expanding into the Metaverse, and offering digital assets like NFTs and other creative ways to boost commerce. While these trends look at a more long-term outlook, social commerce is the trend that is currently shaping the world of online fashion brands. Here’s why:

  • 74% of consumers say that they are now more influenced to shop via social media than they were before the pandemic
  • 70% of consumers list clothing as one of the product categories they shop for most on social media

Leveraging social commerce on-website and in-app will also play a much larger role for fashion brands. Let’s look at why brands want to move the human experience of shopping in physical stores online, not just for new customers but brand loyalists.


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