The Live Commerce Growth Playbook For Fashion Brands

Are you planning to get started with Live Commerce for your Fashion brand? Firework's Ebook has you covered with a playbook geared for growth to help you start and scale your Live Commerce arm easily. 


During the pandemic, the fashion industry was one of the worst affected but in 2022 the industry is expected to show positive growth. The past two years have sped up the trends shaping this industry with sustainability and digital technology taking center stage. Online businesses were a standout success in the pandemic.

With social commerce, NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens), virtual fashion, and the Metaverse, the future of fashion is set to be digital. Implementing social commerce on your website and app will play an important role in sales and marketing which in turn can improve your bottom line.

Research shows that China’s fashion industry continued to grow and scale in spite of COVID-related challenges during, and post-pandemic. The massive adoption of Live Commerce in the east shows the gravity of the impact on consumer adoption and the proven success of the live video shopping format.

In terms of potential, the western markets are perfectly poised for an explosion of video-powered experiences that will redefine modern-day digital fashion brands built to provide a hyper-personalized customer experience.


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