The Live Commerce Growth Playbook For Personal Care & Beauty Brands 

Are you planning to get started with Live Commerce for your Personal Care or Beauty brand? Firework's latest Ebook has you covered with a playbook geared for growth to help you start and scale your Live Commerce arm easily. 


The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 brought about a significant shift in the Personal Care & Beauty industry. The government-imposed lockdown and mobility restrictions led to the widespread closure of physical stores, while the reduction in social activity further fueled the drop. However, the industry responded by increasing supplies of hand sanitizers and cleaning agents and adapting to the situation marvelously.

Further, with the increased use of social media and the growing preference for consumers to conduct most of their shopping online, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands sprang up and proliferated the Personal Care & Beauty space. Remote shopping found a place among consumers around the world and even in a waning pandemic in 2022, continues to be a convenience that many will never give up. In fact, it is still the most preferred way of shopping for new-age consumers.

In 2022, the e-commerce industry has de-escalated from its previously booming pace and is now plateauing. To keep up with changing consumer behavior, e-commerce strategy must evolve too. GenZ is a major driving force in the market and brands must keep up with their changing preferences.

Today, although consumers love the convenience of online shopping, they crave the personalization and human interaction that a physical shopping experience provides.

An omnichannel ‘phygital’ experience can bridge the gap between the online and offline aspects of shopping. In fact, it is critical to facilitate a seamless customer journey that addresses the present customer’s needs cohesively. The pandemic also led to a key insight into consumer behavior — video is the most preferred format of content and video consumption increased by a massive 120% during it.

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